Money Moments with Mark Nagle

June 17, 2021 Warwick Jackson Episode 25
Money Moments with Mark Nagle
Show Notes

What are money moments? We talk to Mark Nagle, executive director at Treysta Wealth and Advisory, to answer this question and listen in as he talks to our host, Warwick Jackson, about people’s relationship with money—the good and the bad.

To guide you through this episode, here are some key takeaways from the conversation:

1. Surround yourself with the right people that add energy rather than take energy from you

Mark talked about inner passion and understanding what gives you energy, what saps your energy, designing your business accordingly and filling your week accordingly. If you love what you do and are surrounded by like-minded people, work doesn't become a chore-- it becomes far more sustainable.

2. Make a commitment to  implement  something

Business and career growth also means significant amount of training and conferences that cost money &  timet. Once you get back to work, it is important to set aside time and make steps for implementation of what you’ve learned and what you can improve upon. Otherwise, you've just had a working holiday that's achieved nothing.

3. Money moments can be wonderful things, but can also be the sad things in life as well. 

Mark talked about a variety of money moments, which is, basically, anytime money touches our lives. From holidays, home ownership, rent, parents with money, rental to buy, retirement, helping your kids, to marriage or divorce, all these things are money moments. Whether they're good or bad, they will potentially lead to anxiety. To help you manage “money moments”, just be aware of these things and have someone in your life, such as a Mark or someone that's a trusted advisor, where you can sit down and talk through the situation, make a plan and have an informed decision.

4. Take action sooner.

 Often, many people will face some anxiety or stress in making a big decision for your career or in life that sometimes, the uncertainty is just too much to overcome. Because of this, some may push back in making decisions which will then result to months or even years of nothing. If you are too scared to take the next step, find a professional or a trusted advisor that can guide you to an informed decision. Come up with a plan and take action – invariably, the downside is never as bad as you think. 

5. Technology designed with the client in mind.

Tech is an important part of business, but making sure that it is designed with the client experience in mind makes it more personalized and improves business relations. Use technology to you and your clients’ advantage. 

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